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On a Budget? You Can Still Come to NCCWSL!

You have made the life-changing decision to come to NCCWSL, but you’re wondering how to pay for it. Here are some easy steps to fit it into your college‑student budget. Read more »

Blog   |   October 23, 2014
NCCWSL signs hanging down between the pillars of the student union building.

You Loved NCCWSL … Now What?

How can you turn what you learn at the conference into fuel for your own ambitions and dreams? It’s a big task, but we’ve got seven ways to get you started. Read more »

Blog   |   June 06, 2014
Deanna Zandt uses her hands to gesture during her speech at NCCWSL. A slideshow with #YesAllWomen and tweets in her background.

How to Make a Leadership Blueprint, from Deanna Zandt

Coming out of college, Deanna Zandt had no idea where her career path would take her. Sixteen years later, she is a successful media technologist who promotes social justice causes. Read more »

Blog   |   June 09, 2014
women of distinction

Sometimes, You Show Up for Work and Make History

Hattie Kauffman, one of five Women of Distinction speakers who gave advice to 900 college women leaders, gratefully remembered a “lady of distinction” in her life. Read more »

Blog   |   June 06, 2014

Chelsea Clinton on Glass Ceilings and What She Hopes Her Child Won’t Have to Worry About

Chelsea Clinton gave advice to the leaders she hopes will take on the challenge of changing the world for women. Read more »

Blog   |   June 06, 2014
NCCWSL networking

How to Network at NCCWSL

The women you meet at NCCWSL can change your life. Maybe you’ll find a lifelong best friend or a recruiter who sets you up with your dream job. Or perhaps […] Read more »

Blog   |   June 02, 2014

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