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Sometimes, You Show Up for Work and Make History

Hattie Kauffman, one of five Women of Distinction speakers who gave advice to 900 college women leaders, gratefully remembered a “lady of distinction” in her life. Read more »

Blog   |   June 06, 2014

Chelsea Clinton on Glass Ceilings and What She Hopes Her Child Won’t Have to Worry About

Chelsea Clinton gave advice to the leaders she hopes will take on the challenge of changing the world for women. Read more »

Blog   |   June 06, 2014

NCCWSL Packing List: Don’t Forget Your Elevator Speech!

It’s the scenario you’ve heard about a thousand times: You step into an elevator, and there is the CEO of your dream company. Now, what do you say to her […] Read more »

Blog   |   May 20, 2014

NCCWSL Empowers Me To …

Just as no two women have the same leadership journey, everyone’s NCCWSL experience is different. That’s why we’re asking you to tell us how NCCWSL empowers you. Read more »

Blog   |   April 28, 2014

2014: Design Your Very Own NCCWSL Experience

NCCWSL is kind of a big deal. With more than 900 college women leaders just like you in attendance, how could it not be? Still, there’s something you need to […] Read more »

Blog   |   April 21, 2014

Finding Empowerment through Dance

Confidence. Strength. Self-determination. These principles make up the core of leadership, and they resonate in Middle Eastern dance as well. More commonly known as belly dancing, this type of performance art requires discipline, control, and strength. It exudes health and power. Read more »

Blog   |   April 16, 2014