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News and Updates

NCCWSL 2018 Opening Night: Documentary and Discussion

From the moment you arrive on campus for NCCWSL 2018 you’ll find inspiration — and the tools you need to back up that inspiration with action. Read more »

Blog   |   April 17, 2018

2018 NCCWSL Keynote Speaker Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke skyrocketed into the national spotlight after a simple hashtag — #MeToo — began circulating the internet on a Sunday in October 2017. Read more »

Blog   |   April 13, 2018
Rosie Rios, 43rd Treasurer of the United States and 2017 NCCWSL Woman of Distinction recipient, speaks with attendees following the awards ceremony.

Pitch Perfect at NCCWSL and Beyond!

An effective elevator pitch is essential to networking and professional development. Read more »

Blog   |   April 11, 2018

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Leadership through Self-Care

As women leaders and activists, we want to do everything, but you can’t do it all. Here are three easy ways to take care of yourself so you can be an effective leader. Read more »

Blog   |   March 30, 2018

4 Steps to Creating Diverse and Inclusive Spaces

There is as much diversity among women as there is in all of humanity. Here are four ways we can better establish diverse spaces that allow each attendee to feel valued and empowered. Read more »

Blog   |   March 28, 2018

Women of Distinction 2018 Spotlight: Carmen Perez

For the past 20 years Carmen Perez has been a champion of modern day activism, advocating for many of today’s important civil rights issues, including mass incarceration, gender equity, violence prevention, racial healing, and community policing. Read more »

Blog   |   March 08, 2018