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Fearlessly True to Herself

“At an early age, I also developed my love of politics,” wrote NCCWSL Women of Distinction Sarah McBride in a 2012 op-ed for her school’s student newspaper in which she came out as transgender. “I wrestled with the idea that my dream and my identity seemed mutually exclusive.” Read more »

Blog   |   March 01, 2016

Blossom Brown: “I became more empowered to fight for trans women’s rights.”

My colleagues encouraged me to apply for a scholarship to attend NCCWSL. They saw the potential in me that I did not see in myself. Read more »

Blog   |   February 26, 2016

Hilary Corna Wants You to Dare Yourself

As a 22-year-old with a degree in international business, Corna “should” have found a lucrative job in a big city. Instead, she bought a one-way plane ticket to Singapore and embarked on a journey that set the trajectory for her future. Read more »

Blog   |   February 22, 2016

A Woman Investing in Women

NCCWSL Woman of Distinction Ana Duggal is the founding partner of Female Founders Fund (F Cubed), a New York-based venture capital firm that invests exclusively in women-led startups. Read more »

Blog   |   February 18, 2016

Webinar: Revamp Your Résumé and Cover Letter

You only have a couple seconds to make yourself stand out to recruiters looking at your résumé and cover letter. AAUW wants to help you land the internship or job of your dreams. Read more »

Blog   |   February 16, 2016
NCCWSL empowers me to ... TAKE Charge

3 Ways to Share NCCWSL with Your Community

Promote the conference to students, campus professionals, and beyond with this custom flyer. Use these ideas to make the most of this marketing tool. Read more »

Blog   |   February 16, 2016