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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does NCCWSL cost?
Our registration schedule including cost, payment information, and cancelation policy can be found on the registration page.

What’s the difference between commuter and residential registration? 
Commuter registration does not include housing or paid parking. Register as a residential registrant if you are staying on campus during NCCWSL.

Are registrations transferrable?
Yes. You may transfer a registration until April 30, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Following the instructions in your registration confirmation email to log back into your registration and simply swap attendee information. Remember to swap email addresses as well!

Can I register a student if I am not attending NCCWSL myself?
Yes. We ask anyone registering on behalf of a student or campus professional to enter their own contact information as well. You will register as a group coordinator and be given your own login information.

Can I come if I’m a graduate or international student?
We welcome and encourage undergraduate, graduate, and international students to join us at NCCWSL.

What if I’m not in college?
Current and recent undergraduate and graduate women are the intended audience. We also encourage campus professionals to attend the conference.

Can men attend?
Yes, male allies can — and do — attend NCCWSL. College student men and male campus professionals are welcome and encouraged to attend.

How do I register for an add-on activity?
Attendees may choose to participate in one off-site cultural tourism event at an additional cost. You will have the opportunity to sign up for add-on activities when you register.

Can I cancel my registration?
Yes, with limited refunds. View our cancelation policy.


If I do not make a roommate request, will I get my own room?
We do our best to satisfy roommate requests. If you do not make a request, we will assign you a roommate. A limited number of single-occupancy rooms are available for campus professionals and students who medically require a single room. All roommate requests should be made during registration.

Are family accommodations available?
No. If you are accompanied by a partner or other family members we recommend that you stay in a nearby hotel. Hotel accommodations are not included in registration and cannot be substituted for housing at the university. If you stay at a hotel, be sure to register as a commuter attendee.

I have concerns regarding mobility or a disability. Who do I talk to about this?
Please list all special needs and requests on your registration form. AAUW staff will be in touch prior to the conference to ensure that your time with us is enjoyable and seamless. If you have further concerns and would like to speak with a member of our staff please email nccwsl@aauw.org.

National Scholarships

Are there any scholarships?
Yes. Students can apply for national scholarships. Both full and partial scholarships will be awarded based on merit, financial need, and availability. Resources to help you ask for financial support are also available.

If I am applying for a national scholarship do I have to complete a registration as well?
No. You need only complete your scholarship application. If awarded a scholarship you will be registered by AAUW staff. If you are not awarded a scholarship but still plan to attend, you will be able to register at our early-bird rate.

What’s the difference between a national scholarship and a local AAUW branch/state scholarship?
National scholarships are provided through AAUW’s national office and cover residential or commuter registration, one optional add-on activity, and scheduled meals. Awardees will be registered by AAUW staff.

Local branch/state scholarships are provided through AAUW branches and states in your area. Recipients receive funding directly from an AAUW branch or state, and the amounts may vary. To inquire about local funding, please work with your local branch or state directly.

Note: You cannot receive both a national and a local branch/state scholarship.

I was awarded a scholarship but can no longer attend. Can I give my scholarship to another student?
No. Scholarships are nontransferable.

Can I use my national scholarship for travel or additional expenses?
No. Awards can be used only for registration and one optional add-on activity. If you do not wish to participate in an add-on activity you forfeit the remainder of your award.

For Campus Professionals

Is there any programming exclusively for campus professionals?
Yes. NCCWSL includes exclusive workshops and networking sessions for campus professionals.

How do students pay?
Most students are supported by their college or university, apply for a national scholarship, or seek out local support.

Can I send more than one student?
Yes, please do! Many institutions send groups of students to NCCWSL. We require campuses to identify a central campus professional to coordinate student participation and registration and act as a group coordinator. Find out more about groups and how you can get a discount.

Can I get my own room?
Campus professionals may request a single room during registration; however, single rooms are limited and some campus professionals will share rooms. Please also make a roommate request, if you have one, in case we cannot accommodate your request for a single.

Affordable hotels are also located nearby. If you stay at a hotel, remember to register as a commuter attendee.

I want to send a group of students to NCCWSL. Do you have any advice on how to make that happen?
Check out this great resource with tips from campus professionals who have coordinated groups of students at NCCWSL.

Still have questions?

Please email nccwsl@aauw.org or call 800.326.2289.