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Career and Graduate School Fair

Finding your dream job or the perfect grad program can be daunting. The NCCWSL Career and Graduate School Fair promises to ease your stress by introducing you to recruiters from top schools and employers from around the country.

For NCCWSL Attendees

How Can You Prepare to Make the Most of the Fair?

  1. Do your homework on prospective grad school programs or employers.
  2. Upload your résumé to the virtual résumé drop through the NCCWSL registration portal.
  3. Be prepared to talk about your achievements — academic and otherwise.
  4. Come armed with good questions.
  5. Bring business cards for future contacts.
  6. Send a follow-up email to new contacts within one week of the fair.
  7. Ask your school to participate in this year’s fair.

Students network with prospective employers and graduate school representatives at NCCWSL.

See who was recruiting at NCCWSL 2019!

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Career Fair

Graduate School Fair

For employers and graduate schools

Recruit NCCWSL attendees for your organization or programs!

The NCCWSL Career and Graduate School Fair is the perfect way to connect with the best and brightest college women leaders from across the country while building your brand through AAUW’s unique network. Interested in joining the ranks? Register to be an exhibitor at NCCWSL 2019.