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Woman of Distinction 2019: Sandra Kim

Sandra Kim is the founder of the popular websites Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human Together. Everyday Feminism celebrates intersectional feminism in daily life and is visited by millions of people every month from all over the world. In 2017, she moved on to launch Re-Becoming Human, which helps people heal from oppression and create a better future.

Kim is dedicated to nurturing caring communities that support every individual and help them embrace their life purpose. She shares key lessons from her own journey from internalized oppression to greater spiritual wholeness, with the intention of inspiring others and modeling a different way of being.

Her approach is grounded in the belief that, as human beings, we are inherently whole, interconnected and one with nature. But systemic oppression tears us away from these truths, leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves, each other and the world. Kim believes that, in this painful state of brokenness, we begin to rely on systemic oppression to survive. She helps people free themselves from this dehumanizing dynamic.

Kim says her spiritual journey toward healing was only possible with the generosity of others. She is deeply grateful to her teachers, particularly from Zen Buddhism, who have come before her and the relationships and communities that support her. She is committed to paying their kindness forward.

By:    May 07, 2019