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5 Things You Should Bring to NCCWSL

#NCCWSL19 is just around the corner! As you start packing and preparing for the conference, here are five NCCWSL must-haves and a packing checklist to keep in mind.

For more guidance on what to expect, how to get there, and other important tidbits, check out www.nccwsl.org.

1. Business casual attire and some casual wear

We recommend business casual clothing for the conference itself. For general conference sessions, you do not have to dress formally. Avoid jeans except for the more casual outings, like the Night Out in D.C.

2. A nice outfit for the Women of Distinction Awards

For the Women of Distinction Awards, you’ll want to dress more formally. It’s a special evening, and you’ll be meeting and networking with the Women of Distinction.

3. Your best social media game

Make you mark! Use hashtag #NCCWSL19 and tag us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’re on Twitter at @NCCWSL and @AAUW and on Instagram at @aauwnational. When you arrive on campus, be on the lookout for our official NCCWSL Snapchat filter. Lastly, download the NCCWSL app to get a head start on personalizing your conference schedule.

4. A game plan for the Graduate School Fair and Career Fair

You’ll meet tons of amazing people at our Graduate School Fair and Career Fair — including representatives from more than 60 schools and over a dozen employers — and we want you to be prepared. Bring your résumé and questions, and check out our list of exhibitors. Be sure to talk to as many schools and companies as possible — sometimes the right match is a place you never even considered. Don’t forget to upload your resume before you arrive through your account!

5. Your (practiced) elevator speech

You never know who you’ll meet at NCCWSL. So know what you’re going to say to sell yourself or your project.


To wear

  •  Comfortable shoes (it’s a 10–15 minute walk between the dorms and the conference sessions)
  •  A casual outfit for your Thursday night out in D.C.
  •  A nice outfit for the Women of Distinction Ceremony (dressier than workshop outfits)
  •  Comfortable clothes or athletic attire for Saturday morning yoga

For your stay

  • Bathrobe
  • Shower shoes
  • Toiletries (anything you would pack to shower at school)
  • A blanket if you get cold easily (bed linens, a light blanket, a pillow and a towel will be provided)

For the Graduate School Fair and Career Fair

  • Copies of your résumé
  • Questions for exhibitors
  • Business cards

For the weekend in general

  • Extra cash (for meals, spending money, local transportation, and your night out in D.C.) — you can check the schedule to see what is covered by your registration fee.
  • An umbrella
  • Pen and a notepad for taking notes
  • Return travel information (on your phone or a hard copy) so that you know how to get home!

We can’t wait to meet you all at the University of Maryland, College Park. Travel safe, and we’ll see you at NCCWSL!

By:    May 18, 2018