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Meet Our 2018 Featured Speaker: Murfreesboro Vice Mayor Madelyn Scales Harris

Madelyn Scales Harris

Image courtesy of Madelyn Scales Harris

Vice Mayor Madelyn Scales Harris was born and raised in the city she now serves, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and comes from a family of firsts. Her father was the first black city councilman elected at large in the entire South since reconstruction and the first black vice mayor of Murfreesboro, and her mother was the first black faculty member at Middle Tennessee State University and the first black woman to serve on the city council.

Much like her parents, Scales Harris lives her life in service to her community. She is a lifelong engaged citizen, community leader, entrepreneur, business owner, and elected official. During her tenure as a public servant, Scales Harris started the Buddy Bench Program in Murfreesboro City Schools, an initiative that fosters friendship and prevents bullying. She is also an advocate for pay raises to part-time employees and a voice for all citizens.

Scales Harris has an impressive history of community service and recognition. She is a member of several community and national associations including the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, the Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary, the National Board of Directors of the Women in Municipal Government, and the NAACP. Always grateful for those who have helped her reach success, Scales Harris’s life motto is, “You don’t get where you are by yourself and should never forget where you came from because when you lose sight of your beginnings, you cease to be humble.”

By:    April 26, 2018