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NCCWSL 2018 Opening Night: Documentary and Discussion

From the moment you arrive on campus for NCCWSL 2018 you’ll find inspiration — and the tools you need to back up that inspiration with action. From stories of women who have found success despite barriers set against them to concrete skills to take your leadership journey to the next level, NCCWSL will prepare you to create impact on campus and in your communities.

Our conference will kick off on Wednesday night with a showing of STEP, a documentary that takes us inside the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (BLSYW) to follow the all-girls public charter school’s step team. The film focuses on three of the team’s leaders, who are young women from BLSYW’s first graduating class, as they navigate their senior year of high school. When they’re not practicing to perform in high-stakes competitions, these young women are working towards college — and some of them are the first in their families to do so.

Over the course of the film, the world between the walls of BLSYW is placed in clearer context as the documentary touches on issues city students across the country face today. From the racial and social justice movements taking root in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Grey to an intimate look at the pervasive effects of poverty, STEP is about more than one school or one team; it’s about the importance of pursuing an education when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

After watching this uplifting and empowering story together, NCCWSL attendees will have the privilege of hearing from Chevonne Hall, the principal of BLSYW, and Paula Dofat, the BLSYW college counselor who plays an integral role in supporting the school’s mission to achieve a 100 percent college acceptance rate among the graduating class. Both women will sit down with AAUW Senior Vice President of Fellowships and Programs Gloria Blackwell for a discussion on the lessons behind STEP and the power of education.

By:    April 17, 2018