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What’s New in 2018: Expert Panel and Lecture Series

This year we’re adding an expert panel and a lecture series to the NCCWSL programming slate. These panels will bring together experts across industries and academia to discuss topics vital to students’ on-campus lives and postgraduate careers.

Day 1: Women’s Issues, Activism, and Identity and Diversity
Thursday, May 31

Our first day of panels and lectures will focus on the issues most relevant to 21st-century women, including how personal identity shapes perception of those issues and how to be an activist on campus and within a community.

American politics, media, culture, and social justice movements have experienced radical developments and changes over the course of 2017. Campuses across the country are grappling with such issues as free speech, race and social justice, sexual assault, and equal access to education. In response to the changing social, cultural, and political landscapes, students are demanding a voice — a chance to share how their identities shape their perspective of the world.

The NCCWSL team is gathering the brightest minds to discuss and debate issues relevant to women today. We’ll hear from women in the media, activists, research experts, and more. Come with an open mind and leave with a fresh perspective on the world we all share.

Day 2: Professional and Leadership Development
Friday, June 1

Our second day of panels and lectures is all about business. NCCWSL will bring together respected and successful professionals from such different industries as health care and public policy, government, media and journalism, and science and technology to offer advice for your postgraduate life. Whether you have a detailed 10-year plan or haven’t yet declared a major, you’ll find a session that prepares you to hit the ground running once you graduate.

Don’t forget your business cards! You’ll have a chance to meet and greet our panelists and speakers after the lectures. Use this time to swap emails or connect on LinkedIn. In today’s world the key to landing that dream interview is your network.


By:    December 22, 2017