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On a Budget? You Can Still Come to NCCWSL!

You’ve made the excellent and life-changing decision to come to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), but now you’re wondering how to pay for it. Here are some easy steps to fit NCCWSL into your college-student budget.

1. Create a fundraising plan and start early.

Set financial goals and create a realistic timeline. Make your asks at least two months before the registration deadline on April 30, 2018. Start earlier if you plan to register online before January 31, 2018, when you can receive our early-bird rate and save $120!

When planning details of your fundraiser, prepare to accept multiple forms of payment if possible. Many people don’t carry around cash or checks, so consider using Venmo or setting up a PayPal account.

2. Take advantage of AAUW resources.

Apply for a NCCWSL national scholarship to cover some or all of your registration fee. Scholarship applications close February 28, 2018!

In the meantime, check out our AAUW Student Leader Fundraising Guide and resources for creating successful AAUW fundraisers for ideas. You can also reach out to your local AAUW branch or Younger Women’s Task Force chapter for ideas and support.

3. Use your networks.

Tweet, post, and share! Tap into countless online fundraising resources and your expanded network on social media. Tag NCCWSL on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when promoting your fundraising efforts to let people know why you’re fundraising. Share stories from NCCWSL and updates on our Women of Distinction with your friends and followers to ramp up interest from potential donors.

Don’t forget about your offline networks! Reach out to peers, parents, faculty, campus professionals, and family for support or sponsorship. You can also fundraise on campus to make the most of your in-person network. Sell pizza in the residence halls, host a bake sale, or team up with a local restaurant. (But first check your university fundraising guidelines!)

4. Personalize your ask.

Show off your passion! Engage potential donors and members of your community by sharing exactly why you want to attend NCCWSL. Use our Empower Me to Be flyer to tell people what you can achieve if they help send you to NCCWSL, or share stories from our blog or updates from AAUW student organizations to show the impact NCCWSL has had on others — and the impact it could have on you.

5. Invite your friends.

AAUW offers a 15 percent discount for groups of four or more from any college or university. Nominate your friends to attend and register as a group. If you’ve been to NCCWSL before, now’s your chance to use the leadership skills you learned to rally a group to attend.

6. Keep records and send thank yous.

Keep records of everyone who donated and keep those donors updated on your fundraising progress. After NCCWSL, follow up with your sponsors to thank them for their support and let them know they made a difference. Be sure to keep your list of donors and use it as a starting point for fundraising next year!

By:    November 01, 2017