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Leave NCCWSL with Your Dream Job

If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to take your career search to the next level. The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) is a great place to help you make connections with future colleagues, mentors, and recruiters from top schools and employers from around the country.

Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of the opportunities at NCCWSL so that you can land that perfect job offer or graduate school connection.

1. Do your homework.

Remember: Networking starts before the conference does. Use social media to see who else is coming to NCCWSL. Start by liking the NCCWSL Facebook page, following NCCWSL on Twitter, and paying attention to the conference hashtag, #NCCWSL17. Plan to post at least once using the hashtag and connect with others who are using it.

Set goals for how you want to grow your network at NCCWSL. Write down your goals and how you can meet them, and then put a reminder on your calendar to revisit your goals a week after the conference ends. To get ideas for your goals, spend time reviewing the conference agenda and mapping out which events you’ll be attending. Review the workshops, keynotes, and awardees to identify the specific topics you’d like to learn more about and the speakers you want to meet.

Do the same research on the graduate schools and employers that are coming to the Graduate School Fair and Career Fair. You’ll make a great first impression with your top school or employer if you’ve done your homework. Make sure to practice your elevator speech.

AAUW will send out social media updates on all exhibitors, sponsors, and universities that are attending NCCWSL. Look for those updates on Instagram and Twitter by searching the hashtag #NCCWSL17!

2. Upload your résumé to the virtual résumé drop (you could win a new bag!)

Upload your résumé to the NCCWSL virtual résumé drop by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, June 2, to be entered to win a Lo and Sons bag!

Here’s your chance to document your accomplishments and stand out to the graduate school representatives and employers whom you’ll meet at the fair.

Worried you might forget to bring your résumé to the graduate and career fair? No worries! We’ve got you covered. When you upload your résumé to our virtual résumé drop, you’ll be added to the database of NCCWSL attendee résumés that will be available to recruiters from top graduate schools and employers who are eager to connect with you. AAUW will share your résumé with the recruiters so you’ll be on their radar before NCCWSL even begins!

By uploading your résumé to the virtual résumé  drop you agree to allow AAUW to share your résumé one time with recruiters and exhibitors from the 2017 NCCWSL Graduate School and Career Fair.

Check out these helpful hints on how to keep your résumé on point, and don’t forget to highlight your leadership initiative by adding NCCWSL and AAUW to your résumé. We’re expecting more than 100 schools and employers, so bring copies!

Upload your résumé now »


3. Revise your LinkedIn profile.

Photo courtesy of Music_Massive, Flickr Creative Commons.

LinkedIn is more than just an online résumé; it’s your chance to be one step ahead in the interview process. Employers are definitely using LinkedIn to screen job candidates, so make sure that your profile is up to date. As busy as you’ll be meeting and greeting folks at the conference, it’s a good idea to update your profile beforehand.

Unlike a printed résumé, your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to put a face to one of the many names that schools and employers will be collecting. Add a professional headshot to make sure the people you meet remember you. Upload documents that showcase your online work, jazz up your profile using these quick tips, and add your NCCWSL and AAUW experience to make your profile stand out.

Networking doesn’t have to stop at NCCWSL: You can expand your network even further by connecting with fellow attendees on LinkedIn!

4. Bring business cards.

Make sure to check out the networking lounges to meet recruiters and fellow attendees during the conference — especially at Verizon’s Career Development Lounge, located right by the registration table, where you can get expert guidance on landing your dream job, sign up for cool giveaways, and charge your mobile device.

Bring your own business cards with you wherever you go. Check out websites like Moo for business cards that you can design yourself and get printed in as little as one day. If you use social media accounts for professional reasons, include your links and handles on your business cards. Remember, it’s OK to leave white space on your card — this gives you a place to write any special notes to the person you’re giving the card to. (Pro tip: If someone gives you her or his business card, write a few sentences or key words on the back so you remember the person and your conversation when you’re following up.)

At the conference, remind yourself each morning to bring enough business cards with you to get through the day.

5. Go to the Graduate School Fair and Career Fair.


At the Graduate School Fair and Career Fair, you’ll discover unique job opportunities at organizations, startups, and advocacy groups. It’s an exciting group of global companies such as Stanley Black and Decker and Verizon, where you can launch a business career; nonprofit organizations such as the American College Personnel Association and the Peace Corps, where you can effect change; and government employers such as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, where you can serve the country. You’ll also meet representatives from top-tier grad schools including Georgetown University, New York University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Meeting admissions officers or employers doesn’t have to be scary — use your professional experiences to spark a conversation with recruiters. Ask questions to demonstrate your interest (and don’t leave without handing them your résumé). Don’t forget to upload your résumé to the to reach recruiters attending NCCWSL!

6. Stay in touch.

Send a follow-up email to the people you met at NCCWSL and connect with them through social media. Having already polished your LinkedIn profile, you should be all set. Don’t forget to send a personal note saying how you met them and why you want to stay connected. If you’re following up with a graduate school or employer, share why you’re interested in her or his organization.

Most importantly, remember to be yourself when following up. Consider what 2014 NCCWSL Woman of Distinction Judy Smith said to attendees three years ago: “You are good enough. … You don’t need to be anybody else.”

By:    May 10, 2017