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Start Planning Your NCCWSL Workshop Track

With more than 50 dynamic workshop and lecture options, NCCWSL has something to offer every college student leader. Start thinking about which workshops will help you reach your goals, sharpen your skills, or inspire your next steps in leadership. You can find the full list of workshops and lectures here, but check out our suggestions below.

For the Outspoken Activist

Looking to build your organizing and activism skills? From social media to political engagement, our activism workshops address the tools you need to build a movement, find a cause, and support your communities.

Our recommended workshop: From a March to a Movement: Learn How to Ignite Activism on Your Campus

This group dialogue will help you address barriers to student activism, identify issues of social justice, and give you tips for how best to engage others through student-led activism and discussions. Walk away with a clear guide to jump-start your campus and ignite your community.

Presenters: Molly Turner, Graduate Student, Northeastern State University (@TheMollyTurner), and Amy Aldridge Sanford, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi (@aasanford)

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The Next Generation of Campus Activism: Collaborate for Change
Paige Robnett, AAUW College/University Relations Manager (@perobnett and @AAUWCampus)

Better Together: Feminist Self-Care and Community Care When Everything Feels Awful
Presenters: Uyenthi Tran Myhre, Assistant Director, University of Minnesota, and Bronwyn Miller, Program Coordinator, University of Minnesota (@mnwomenscenter)

For the Barrier Breaker

NCCWSL empowers me to ... TAKE Charge

Want to address systemic inequality? Our identity and diversity workshops facilitate owning one’s personal identity and role in increasing and supporting diverse voices.

Our recommended workshop: Stand Up, Speak Out, and Be Empowered: Appreciating and Embracing Diversity

Successful leaders not only know themselves and their own experiences but also can connect and communicate effectively with people from different cultures, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Participants will gain tools to prepare them to be socially responsible, and they will learn how they can create a more inclusive community by valuing their unique talents and differences and those of others.

Presenters: Lisa House, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Psychologist, Millersville University, and TaLisa Ramos, Student Affairs Specialist, Penn State, Harrisburg

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D&I in the Post-Obamas Era: An Exploration of Central and Marginal Identities
Presenters: Kay Brocato, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mississippi State University (@kaybrocato), and Pat Gaston, National Weekend Editor, Washington Post

QueerCore: Behind the Music
Presenter: Melissa Smith, COO/Founder, QueenEarth Music and Education (@MsQueenEarth)

For the Fearless Leader

As a college student leader, you should develop and strengthen your leadership path. You’ll find this and more in our leadership development workshops. These skills will transfer to your classroom, student organization, or job and give you the tools to make an impact!

Our recommended workshop: Storytelling for Leadership — Resiliency Skills to Turn Your Passion into Action

We all have the ability to become bold, powerful leaders through our personal narratives, connecting to others and motivating ourselves as well as our community. Learn how an authentic story can spark thought-provoking questions that inspire others to think creatively, be more engaged, and take action not only in your personal and professional life but also as an active agent of change in society.

Presenter: Amy Oestreicher, Founder, Gutless and Grateful at Hampshire College (@AmyOes)

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The Comeback Keys
Presenter: Linnita Hosten, Principal Speaker, Excellence Brainery LLC

Managing Stress, Thinking Mindfully, and Making Conscious Choices!
Presenter: Meghan Hargrave, Principal, Meghan L. Hargrave Consulting

For the Young Professional

Are you applying for jobs or grad school? Our professional development workshops will help you build a professional tool kit for postgraduate life. These workshops will give you the know-how to direct your dream career path and reach your professional goals.

Our recommended workshop: Everything You Need to Start Building an Amazing Professional Online Brand

If you’re like most people, you find establishing a strong online presence to be daunting among all the noise on the internet, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. This session is for anyone who wants to build a stronger professional following on social media, create an amazing online portfolio, and establish a clear personal and professional brand.

Presenter: Sinclair Ceasar, Assistant Director of Student Life, Loyola University Maryland (@Sinclair_Ceasar)

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The 10 Commandments of a Young Professional
Presenter: Linnita Hosten, Principal Speaker, Excellence Brainery, LLC

Shaping My Future Self
Presenter: Claudia Richards, Senior Branch Relations Manager, AAUW (@ClaudiaOnTheGo)

For the Women’s Advocate

Want to gain a better understanding of issues and policies affecting women? Though we have made strides, the fight for equality for women is nowhere near won. Our women’s issues workshops address AAUW’s role in empowering women and how you can make a difference through women’s advocacy.

Our recommended workshop: #ILookLikeAPolitician: Our Fight for Political Parity

Around the world, fewer than one in four political leaders are women, and of those female elected officials, women of color and young women are significantly underrepresented. With the nonpartisan #ILookLikeAPolitician campaign, girls and women everywhere can become their own inspirations by declaring, “I look like a politician.” Your gender identity and appearance should not hinder you from succeeding as a change agent.

Presenter: Jessica Gottsleben, #ILookLikeAPolitician Ambassador, Running Start (@JGottsleben)

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#ShinyCampus: How Empowered Women Can Empower Women
Presenters: Erica Wallace, Coordinator for Peer Mentoring and Engagement, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (@e_r_dubyah); Emily Bradley, Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Programs, Longwood University; and Rachel Kline, Residence Director, Syracuse University

Strength of Our Stories: Counterstorytelling for Women of Color
Presenter: Erica Wallace, Coordinator for Peer Mentoring and Engagement, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (@e_r_dubyah)

Do you see yourself reflected in these categories? Whether you are an activist, a woman in science, an entrepreneur, or anything in between, NCCWSL workshops will help you find your unique leadership path!

By:    May 05, 2017