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Meet our 2017 Featured Speaker: Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a self-proclaimed “fat femme.” She is also the epitome of self-confidence — posting images of herself online doing headstands and warrior poses in her underwear. While today she inspires thousands of followers, Stanley’s journey to body positivity was not without its setbacks.

At 16, Stanley had her first taste of yoga. It was not her cup of tea. After 90 minutes of a hot yoga class “nightmare,” she refused to practice yoga for several years. But as a woman who believes in second chances, she gave it another try while in graduate school. She felt the same physical exhaustion from her first class but experienced a new spiritual curiosity that her younger self could not appreciate. From then on, she was hooked.

Though she couldn’t afford the fees at local yoga studios, Stanley committed to her own home practice by doing poses like tree, triangle, and eagle within the sanctuary of her living room. Over time she has continued to progress her physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Stanley documents her practices with videos and photos online, and she boasts an incredible following on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

The yoga enthusiast’s motivation comes from exceeding her own expectations, and she encourages others to remain patient while striving to achieve their goals. As a body positive advocate, Stanley focuses on self-improvement both during and outside of yoga class. Her first book, Every Body Yoga, shares this message of self-love and reassurance. It’s for readers of all yoga levels and of all shapes and sizes, and it teaches readers that yoga is not about how you look — rather, it’s about how you feel.

Get to Know the 2017 NCCWSL Keynote Speakers

Name: Jessamyn Stanley
Occupation: Yoga teacher, writer, body positive advocate
Education: University of North CarolinaThe Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham
Website: www.jessamynstanley.com

Stanley challenges stereotypes with her body positivity and inspires others to celebrate their bodies through yoga and meditation. Practice mindfulness with her at NCCWSL, and prepare to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually uplifted!

Jessamyn Stanley’s keynote address is sponsored by RealHer. Following her session on the morning of Saturday, June 3, Stanley will be selling and signing copies of her new book, Every Body Yoga.


By:    February 13, 2017