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NCCWSL Photo Challenge

Loved your time at NCCWSL? Pass on the love! You can help attract more students to AAUW’s annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). Share your story and tell us how NCCWSL inspired you!

Whether you’re an AAUW student organization member, an AAUW campus ambassador, or simply a passionate alum, our printable NCCWSL flyer is a fun and easy way to get people excited about this transformative leadership conference!

Help AAUW spread the word!

Step 1:

Download and print out the NCCWSL flyer.

Download the NCCWSL flyer

Step 2:

Think about the ways NCCWSL inspired you to take action or empowered you to be a stronger leader. Choose your favorite and write it down in large letters and dark ink so people can see clearly why NCCWSL mattered to you!

Step 3:

Take a selfie — or go old school and have someone take your photo. Cell phone photos are fine, but the higher the quality, the more likely AAUW’s social media team is to share it.

Step 4:

Post the photo on your social media accounts, tag @NCCWSL so AAUW can share it, and encourage your fellow NCCWSL fans to do the same!

Step 5:

Take your passion to the next level! There are a ton of ways to help spread the word about AAUW’s mission. Sign up to be an AAUW campus ambassador and receive monthly e-mails with challenges for a chance to win feminist prizes, or make sure you stay involved with your student leader community by joining or forming an AAUW student organization.

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By:    February 06, 2017