You Loved NCCWSL … Now What?

Here are six ways to take what you learned at the AAUW conference and fuel your ambition and dreams!

1. Bring a taste of NCCWSL back to your campus.

Each year, AAUW’s campus leadership programs shape the lives of thousands of college women to be the next generation of leaders. Want to mingle with next year’s Women of Distinction or bring the spirit of NCCWSL to your school year-round? Apply to join AAUW’s Student Advisory Council, or create an AAUW student organization. From encouraging young women to run for office through Elect Her to learning about the importance of salary negotiation through AAUW Start Smart, there are plenty of ways you can bring a taste of NCCWSL back to your campus.

2. Become a NCCWSL ambassador!

Did you love #NCCWSL16? Feeling inspired to create change on your campus? Become an AAUW campus ambassador! AAUW campus ambassadors will promote the 2017 conference to their networks, gain insider information, and help shape next year’s event — with some fun rewards along the way. This professional development opportunity also boosts your résumé by providing you with the chance to volunteer with a national organization.

3. Keep your NCCWSL networking game going.

Your workshop seatmate or residence hall neighbor could be the next big CEO or presidential candidate. Keep in touch, because big things happen when powerful leaders connect! The amazing NCCWSL community doesn’t disappear when you go home. Connect with everyone — new friends, workshop presenters, potential mentors, and AAUW, a network that already boasts more than 170,000 members and supporters. Tell us your stories, relive your highlights, and share your photos on Facebook and Twitter (we love re-sharing!). Don’t forget to follow @AAUW and @NCCWSL and hashtag #NCCWSL16 to continue your networking.

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4. Get educational funding from AAUW.

AAUW is one of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women, providing more than $3.7 million in annual funding to outstanding women and nonprofit organizations. Get a piece of that! AAUW offers great programs that can help you finish your degree, consider new career fields, or pursue postgraduate studies.

5. Let us know what you loved, and what you could have loved more.

Every year, we work to make our leadership conference bigger and better than ever. Check your inbox soon for an evaluation so you can tell us what you loved, what you liked, and what you wish had been different. These evaluations help us plan next year’s conference, so pay it forward and make future attendees’ conference experiences better than ever.

6. Get ready for next year.

Think it’s too early to start planning your trip for next year? No way! Get your friends and fellow students excited about the 2017 conference — if you register as a group, you’ll even get a discount! Don’t forget to nominate a friend or a student who you think would love it.

Whether you’re a student attendee or campus professional, NCCWSL alumnae can provide much-needed testimonials about the conference. The AAUW donors, members, and volunteers who support the event want to see a return on their investment, so be sure to let your college or university know why it was such a worthwhile experience. Your testimonial could make the difference in future funding for the next generation of women leaders!

By:    July 08, 2016