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A Judge Who Overcame the Obstacles

What do you do when you’re passionate, talented, and qualified but people still worry about your ability to do the job?

Judge Marisa Demeo’s career is a lesson in commitment — to oneself and to the greater good. Nominated by President Barack Obama to be an associate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Demeo faced a long confirmation, waiting nearly a year until the U.S. Senate finally confirmed her appointment. The delay was thanks to partisan efforts to keep Demeo off the bench because of her advocacy work for the Hispanic and LGBT communities.

Demeo ultimately secured the appointment she deserved. Drawing upon her expansive legal experience, Demeo fights for fairness from all sides and uses her power to help marginalized communities. The career path she chose was motivated by a spirit of activism that didn’t end with her education but rather evolved into something tangible: advocacy.


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Name: Marisa Demeo

Occupation: Associate Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia; Adjunct Professor of Law

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Princeton University; Juris Doctor, New York University

By:    March 31, 2016