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Meet NCCWSL Keynote Speaker Franchesca Ramsey

Chances are high that you are one of the more than 11 million viewers to have watched the YouTube video, “Sh*t White Girls Say … to Black Girls.” What you might not know is that before the clip racked up nearly 5 million views in its first five days online, the video’s creator, Franchesca Ramsey, was working as a communications manager in Miami and using her free time to vlog on the Internet.

Eager to use humor as a medium for thought-provoking social commentary, Ramsey was a YouTube presence for nearly six years before “Sh*t White Girls Say … to Black Girls” made her a viral sensation. Now, nearly four years after the release of the video that made her popular, she has two YouTube channels with more than 26 million views. She is also the host of the MTV News web series Decoded and a writer/contributor for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

While Ramsey’s videos are often a form of comedy, her messaging encourages discourse and forces viewers to confront realities they otherwise might reject or ignore. Having covered topics such as body image, race, health care, and student debt, Ramsey uses her videos to help individuals understand stereotypes and privilege and how society can work toward equality for all.

Get to Know the NCCWSL
Keynote Speakers

Name: Franchesca Ramsey

Occupation: Vlogger, Comedian, Host of MTV’s Decoded, Writer/Contributor for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Miami International University of Art and Design

Website: www.franchesca.net

Twitter: @chescaleigh

Along with the one that launched her career, here are five of Ramsey’s most notable, inspiring, and hilarious videos that make us laugh just as much as they make us think.

1. Ramsey’s online meme that blew up the Internet and prompted social commentary

2. For those beyond the affected communities, Ramsey’s guidelines for allyship

3. When fried chicken and watermelon leave a bad (and racist) taste in your mouth

4. If only Beyoncé knew the struggles of paying off student loan debt

5. Forgoing comedy in favor of a serious, emotional address about the dangers of slut shaming

By:    March 09, 2016