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Hilary Corna Wants You to Dare Yourself

When faced with what she “should” do versus what she wanted to do, Hilary Corna chose the latter.

As a 22-year-old with a degree in international business, Corna “should” have found a lucrative job in a big city and worked her way up the corporate ladder — if she had followed the typical track in the United States, that is. Instead, she bought a one-way plane ticket to Singapore and embarked on a journey that set the trajectory for her future.

After three years abroad, Corna returned to the United States with a new perspective  and sense of purpose. Inspired by her travels, Corna’s first book, One White Face — which is now being adapted into a screenplay — shares her experiences as a global citizen. In refusing to do what was expected of her, she ventured into unfamiliar territory that challenged her each day and helped her experience kaizen, the Japanese term she learned for “grow for the better.” And she never looked back.

Hilary Corna dared herself, and now she wants to dare you.

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Name: Hilary Corna

Occupation: Successful Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Author, TED Speaker, and Founder of the #DareYourself Campaign

Education: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, Elon University

Website: www.hilarycorna.com

Twitter: @HilaryCorna


By:    February 22, 2016