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A Woman Investing in Women

Dreaming of starting your own business? Then you’ll definitely want to meet Anu Duggal! Like the judges seen on Shark Tank, Duggal is an angel investor making entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Duggal is the founding partner of Female Founders Fund (F Cubed), a New York-based venture capital firm that invests exclusively in women-led startups. Among all venture funding, women-led startups only receive between 4 and 7 percent of invested capital. Familiar with this bleak reality through her own entrepreneurial experiences, Duggal created F Cubed to provide women entrepreneurs with the encouragement and financial capital vital for success.

“Work hard, play hard” is Duggal’s motto. And for her, working hard means investing in the next generation of successful women entrepreneurs. Passionate about helping women innovate and thrive financially, Duggal recognizes why investing in women is good business:

Women make great entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs are often calculated risk takers. While recognizing and assessing risk, these women embrace it and work hard to craft their business strategies accordingly. Their ambition, ability to multitask, and willingness to collaborate also make women adept in the role of entrepreneur.

Women have significant purchasing power.

With women representing more than 50 percent of breadwinners in U.S. households, they have high consumer value. Because women tend to see unmet needs that men do not, women entrepreneurs often develop ideas that better serve female consumers. By understanding their customer base, women entrepreneurs have an advantage that can yield exponential returns.

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Name: Anu Duggal

Occupation: Venture Capital/Investing – F Cubed

Education: B.A., Vassar College; MBA, London Business School

Website: femalefoundersfund.com

Twitter: @anuduggalnyc

Women empower other women.

By investing in women-led startups, Duggal empowers the women she invests in while encouraging other women who may be thinking about starting their own businesses. Knowing about the availability and interest in funding women-driven ventures can propel more female talent and innovation, while breaking down the stereotypes and biases often associated with Silicon Valley’s startup reputation as an exclusive “boys’ club.”


By:    February 18, 2016