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3 Ways to Share NCCWSL with Your Community

Promote the conference to students on your campus and beyond with this custom flyer. Use these ideas to make the most of this marketing tool.

1. Print the flyer.

Use this flyer to promote the conference to students on your campus. It can be the starting point for your conversation about why your university should send students to NCCWSL.

2. Post the flyer.

Place the full-page flyer anywhere students might see it, on and off campus. It’s perfect for posting on social media, handing out at events, or leaving in piles at women’s centers, student unions, writing centers, libraries, and more.

3. Share the flyer.

Send it to friends, campus professionals, women’s center listservs, and other higher education networks. Give this flyer to anyone you think might be interested in sending students to NCCWSL.

Download the flyer now


By:    February 16, 2016