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You Loved NCCWSL … Now What?

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably on NCCWSL cloud nine. Leaving the conference was tough, but after three days of meeting inspirational women leaders, getting to know new friends, and envisioning your own future as a leader, you’re probably ready to figure out what comes next.

How can you turn what you learned at the conference into fuel for your own ambitions and dreams? It’s a big task, but we’ve got seven ways to get you started.

1. Share how NCCWSL empowered you.

Did you attend a life-changing workshop or take photos with a new role model? Share it! Tell us your stories, relive your highlights, and share your photos on Facebook and Twitter – and don’t forget to use #NCCWSL15. Hearing from awesome college women leaders like you is seriously what makes us love our jobs.

2. Stay in touch.

The best way to reinforce your budding NCCWSL network is to connect with everyone — new friends, potential mentors, AAUW and NCCWSL, too! — on social media or through e-mail. The amazing community at the conference doesn’t disappear when we all go home, and connecting with the people and organizations you met is the best way to stay a part of it.

For updates on women’s leadership and skill-building:

Join the conversation using hashtag #NCCWSL16.

3. Find out what we can do for your future.

AAUW offers great programs that can help you finish your degree, consider new career fields, or pursue postgraduate studies. AAUW’s graduate school fellowships can help you take the next step in your leadership journey.

4. Let us know how we did.

Every year, we work to make NCCWSL bigger and better than ever. That’s why, after the conference, we’ll e-mail you an evaluation so you can tell us what you loved, what you liked, and what you wish had been different. NCCWSL evaluations help us plan next year’s conference, so pay it forward and make future NCCWSL attendees’ conference experiences better than ever.

5. Couldn’t make it all the workshops? Explore them all and relive your favorites!

Workshop presenters were invited to uploaded presentation materials for participants during and after the conference.

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Access online presenter content

Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship: The journey from being employed to being the CEO

Agree to Agree: How to use The Four Agreements to Enhance Your Life as a Leader

Be Your Best Interviewee: The Ins and Outs of Getting the Job

Beyond Being Busy: Developing Life Work Integration as Women Leaders

Corporate America: Myth vs. Reality: Is Corporate Culture Right for You?

From Silence to Self-Authorship: Storytelling for Empowerment

Graduate’s Guide to Starting Your Financial Journey on the Right Foot

How a Handful of Gutsy Femistists Use 100 Barbie Dolls to Turn a Campus Upside-Down

How Remarkable Women Lead

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends: Building and Maintaining a Network of Meaningful Relationships

Improv Outside the Theater: An introduction to improv and its potential applications

It’s Our Voice: We Will Be Heard!

Leadership Development NOW: Developing Critical and Professional Qualities of Aspiring Female Managers

Make No Apologies: Effective Communication for College Women Leaders

Money and More: Successfully Negotiating a Job Offer

Navigating Your Next Step: How to Ensure a Successful Transition Personally and Professionally After College

Oh No You Didn’t! How to Engage an Audience

Personal Empowerment: Increasing your Emotional Intelligence

Post Traditional Students and Balancing Life

Setting the Table: Recipes of Resistance

Sexual Assault Response Activism: Using Your Online Voice

She’s Not My Friend, She’s My Colleague

So You Want to Work in Politics?

Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing

Time to Get Up and Go: Tips on Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Turning your Passion into a Career: The NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Mentoring Program

What Does Faith Have To Do With It?

What I Wish I Would Have Known: Lessons from the Future

When She Talks I Hear the Revolution: creating your own media to promote social change

Women & Entrepreneurship: Cultivating the Leader Within

Women and Social Change: From Marches to Twitter Feeds

Women Leaders as Advocates

  • Once you are logged in, click the drop-down menu under “Current National Events” and select “2015 NCCWSL.” Click “View.” Once you scroll down, you will see a listing of submitted presentations and readings from presenters.

This listing will continue to be updated as presenters submit content. Please be aware that not all presentations will have materials uploaded for viewing.

6. Bring leadership back to your campus.

At NCCWSL, you probably met tons of great women like yourself who are working to improve their campuses. From encouraging young women to run for office to learning about the importance of salary negotiation, there are plenty of programs that you can start at your school to encourage other campus leaders.

7. Gear up.

One of the great things about NCCWSL is that we don’t just give you the inspiration to go out and make change; we give you the tools to do it. We want you to keep learning after the workshops end. Stay on top of news about women’s equality and get connected with the Younger Women’s Task Force so you can plug into women’s leadership communities.

8. Start thinking about next year.

Think it’s too early to start planning your trip for next year? No way! Start getting your friends and fellow students excited about 2016 — if you register as a group, you’ll get a discount! Interested in taking a more active role in NCCWSL and getting perks like introducing our phenomenal Women of Distinction? Apply for AAUW’s Student Advisory Council now.


By:    May 30, 2015