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Aspiring Newsies: Let’s Go to the Newseum

Do you dream of being a star journalist, writer, or photographer? Are you the type of person who has to be on top of the news? Are you interested in the relationship between the First Amendment and the effect news reporting has on current events? Then our special Newseum tour is perfect for you.

Each year, NCCWSL sponsors a series of pre-conference activities that happen the morning before the program begins. The activities are designed to enrich attendees’ experience and give them a chance to explore the Washington, D.C., area.

For just $25 extra, you’ll get a first-class ticket to the Newseum, the country’s premier news-themed museum that blends history, technology, and current events for a fun, interactive experience. The Newseum’s exhibits highlight the interesting relationship between pop culture, the First Amendment, current events, and news reporting. Throughout the experience, you’ll get to view news events through the eyes of the journalists who covered them — like Ezra Klein and Katherine Graham — and see how their reporting shaped the way we see history today.

People walk around a large exhibit and read the small screens. A large sign reads Internet, TV and Radio.This activity includes a museum tour, a special workshop on news photography ethics, and the chance to relive case studies that famous journalists have faced throughout the years. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded student leaders from around the country before you experience NCCWSL together.

But hurry: Our pre-conference activities sell out early every year. If you want to take advantage of this unique chance to learn from interactive exhibits and international experts, sign up today. (You can register for pre-conference activities when you register for NCCWSL.)

Already registered for the conference? You can still sign up by logging back into your original NCCWSL registration. Pre-cons are a great deal at only $25, but they will fill up fast. Sign up!



This post was written by AAUW Social Media intern Brittany Edwardes.

By:    March 31, 2014