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NCCWSL taught Christine to take risks, with pretty big rewards.

We can’t brag enough about the women leaders who attend our conference: They’re smart, driven, and ready to change the world.

Christine Tjahjadi-Lopez is no exception. The 2013 NCCWSL attendee infuses confidence into her leadership and isn’t afraid to take some risks — but, boy, do those risks pay off.

As the winner of our 2014 NCCWSL in Action contest, Christine will return to this year’s conference, where she’ll take her spot center stage when we show her NCCWSL in Action video.

Here’s a taste of the winning video:

At 0:16, Christine shares her biggest takeaway from NCCWSL 2013.
At 0:24, Christine puts her plan into action.
At 0:41, Christine pays her NCCWSL experience forward.
At 0:55, wait — her local AAUW branch helps her do what?!
At 1:15, Christine uses the web to further her cause.

Watch it for yourself:

Join Christine for this life-changing conference, which includes featured speakers Chelsea Clinton and Deanna Zandt.



By:    March 20, 2014