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Chelsea Clinton Is Going to NCCWSL. Are You?

Chelsea Clinton believes in you.

And this year at NCCWSL, she’ll be in the room to tell you herself.

Clinton will be one of two featured speakers at the conference. As Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, and previous student herself, she has plenty of experience to share as both a student and a leader.

“We believe that young people can and should be empowered to make a difference,” Clinton said during her speech at the Clinton Global Initiative University 2013. “But that’s not a truth universally acknowledged. There are a lot of people who believe that you have to wait until maybe your hair is a little more my father’s color to make a difference. We couldn’t disagree with that more strongly.”

Clinton is a passionate advocate for students making change. As a scholar, activist, and humanitarian, she’s seen how students have taken action on some of the world’s most difficult challenges.

What role will you play in making a difference? Hear Clinton’s advice, inspiring words, and more at NCCWSL this June.


By:    March 17, 2014