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I Bet Donya Can Convince You to Come to NCCWSL in Less than 2 Minutes

The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders can transform your future. You’ll make connections for life with college women leaders like you from across the country. You’ll hear firsthand from amazing women who’ve made some pretty big accomplishments, from the national news to outer space. You’ll leave with direction for your future (and maybe a job prospect or two.)

Don’t believe me? Take it from Donya. She attended the conference in 2013 and has gone on to become AAUW’s youth representative to the United Nations — and it was “all because of NCCWSL.”

At :26, hear what about NCCWSL surprised Donya the most — and what it helped her do. At 1:01, find out who this conference is for, anyway. At 1:12, get the insider’s view on what NCCWSL offers that you can’t get anywhere else. And at 1:16, hear what’s next for Donya (maybe a little world domination?).

Watch video on YouTube.

It’s your life. Make it what you want. Donya did — and it started with NCCWSL.

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By:    February 14, 2014