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How One Woman Raised Her Hand to Make History

Hattie Kauffman got her big break in journalism simply by raising her hand.

It was her freshman year in college, and the University of Minnesota radio station was looking for someone to take charge of a daily report on Native American news. When no one else wanted the job, Kauffman volunteered.

That moment turned into a falling domino, setting off a quick succession of achievements (and a lot of hard work): first a scholarship, then a job as a TV anchor, and eventually a coveted spot as a correspondent for Good Morning America. The same year she joined the GMA team, Kauffman made history as the first Native American to file a report on a network evening news broadcast.

Just how did Kauffman turn a job no one wanted into a trailblazing career? Come to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) in June and find out. Kauffman will share her stories and secrets to success during the NCCWSL Women of Distinction ceremony, where she will be honored for her achievements.


By:    January 15, 2014