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Kimberly Bryant

Changing the STEM Game with Black Girls Code

Knowing the lack of diversity in the startup and tech fields, Bryant decided to create the change she wanted to see for herself and her daughter. Read more »

Blog   |   April 20, 2016

How to Build a Network at NCCWSL

I was eager to attend NCCWSL to enrich my passion for gender equity and intersectionality. NCCWSL did that and so much more! Read more »

Blog   |   April 18, 2016
IMG_2071 4x4 colr J DeMeo-2

A Judge Who Overcame the Obstacles

Judge Marisa Demeo’s delayed confirmation was thanks to partisan efforts to keep her off the bench because of her advocacy work for the Hispanic and LGBT communities. Read more »

Blog   |   March 31, 2016
Spoken word artist Kelly Tsai performs in front of a white backdrop.

Watch Spoken Word become Social Change

Think there’s only one set path for your career? NCCWSL Women of Distinction, Kelly Tsai, will tell you otherwise. Having rejected the notion that you have to choose one profession and stick to it, Tsai can tell you that the line you draw for your future will be anything but straight. Read more »

Blog   |   March 14, 2016
Ramsey shareable thumbnail

Meet NCCWSL Keynote Speaker Franchesca Ramsey

Eager to use humor as a medium for thought-provoking social commentary, NCCWSL keynote speaker Franchesca Ramsey was a YouTube presence for nearly six years before “Sh*t White Girls Say … to Black Girls” made her a viral sensation. Read more »

Blog   |   March 09, 2016

Fearlessly True to Herself

“At an early age, I also developed my love of politics,” wrote NCCWSL Women of Distinction Sarah McBride in a 2012 op-ed for her school’s student newspaper in which she came out as transgender. “I wrestled with the idea that my dream and my identity seemed mutually exclusive.” Read more »

Blog   |   March 01, 2016

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